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Apparel Ocean Ind Clothing

Apparel Ocean Ind is a well established and professional Sourcing and Quality Assurance company with offices in India & France.

Since the start of our operation in 2008, we have been helping Buyers in their importing of readymade garments from India by making full use of our well established operational structure and our extensive experience in the manufacturing market in India.

At Apparel Ocean Clothing, we realize that a growing number of international Buyers are increasingly keen to source their products from offshore factories but lack confidence in the quality of some of the key aspects of the sourcing process, i.e.: reliability of the suppliers, quality of communication, production capabilities, quality control issues, on time delivery, etc.

clothTherefore our mission is to provide support to those Buyers by managing the supply chain on their behalf. Our role is to ensure that the production is handled properly, communication carried out efficiently, quality followed closely and delivery achieved on time.

In doing so, we are able to make the sourcing process easy, reliable and profitable for all parties.